While each of the founders of Fraternal Golf is members of Black Greek Letter organizations; in fact, we are Alpha’s, Kappa’s, Sigma’s and Omega’s, we are also very active members of the fraternity of golf. In our travels, we’ve found that just carrying a golf bag or golf magazine will break down racial or whatever other barriers may exist and spark a conversation. 
      We love our fraternities and also love this game. We started our company because we have been unsuccessful in finding quality golf accessories that allowed us to represent our respective Greek-lettered organizations.  Because we take our game and equipment very seriously, we concluded that the product would have to be built from the ground up and designed by us. We named the company Fraternal for its dual meaning:
  • Our focus on making golf products for Greek-lettered organizations
  • The sense of Fraternity we find in the game of golf.

Our logo features a Greek letter Phi – the letter F in Greek.  
Our commitment is to you the fraternity and sorority golfer and to bringing to you the highest quality, innovative and color correct golf products in the marketplace.  We know you will love our products as much as we do.



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